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An Eclipse plugin that automatically changes Java collections by more efficient ones

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jStanley is a static analyzer developed as an Eclipse plugin. The tool is capable of statically detecting the usage of energy-inefficient collections and suggest better alternatives. It can do the same, but considering the execution time or simultaneously energy and time.


  1. Download or clone this repository
  2. Move the file greenlab_1.0.0.201805311446.jar located inside the folder pluginjar to eclipse dropins folder
  3. Depending on the Operating System this folder may be located at:
    • Linux: usr/share/eclipse
    • OSX: /Applications/
  4. Restart Eclipse

How to use

  1. Click jStanley icon located in your Eclipse tool-bar menu
  2. jStanley evaluates all open projects in Eclipse
  3. To change the default analysis type and population size, click on the drop-down arrow to the right side of jStanley
    • Select one population size from 25K, 250K or 1M
    • Select the analysis type from Joules and/or Miliseconds

The following video shows how to use jStanley.

Scientific Results

The accepted paper jStanley: Placing a Green Thumb on Java Collections describes jStanley.


Have questions about jStanley? Contact us at @greensoftwarelab, @pedrosimao93, @States or @jacomecunha.